Arizon selects syo as go-to-market partner in EMEA

London, 20/07/2020

Arizon RFID Technology, 100% owned by Taiwan’s YFY Group, is one of the  leading RFID inlay suppliers.

Arizon provides first-class manufacturing services for inlays, tags, tickets and cards serving the global RFID industry. In 2012 Arizon produced and delivered more than 1 billion RFID inlays and reached another milestone in April 2019 with 10 billion RFID tags shipped. Arizon has an installed capacity to supply over 300 million RFID inlays per month.

Arizon selects syo as go-to-market partner in EMEA

“The partnership with syo enables our customers in Europe to get world class local support”, says George, Vice General Manager at Arizon. “RFID is a complex technology that requires the right skill set and technical  understanding. With syo we have found a partner that has a competent team qualified to represent our brand and products.”

Goetz, Founder of syo is excited about the opportunity this partnership provides to European RFID customers. “We provide access to one of the largest and most sophisticated vendors within our industry. Arizon is highly innovative, has sustainable product options and the necessary scalability our customers require for their projects.”

“I am excited to offer my customers access to one of the broadest portfolios of RFID inlays, covering a range of needs including solutions for postal, aviation, supply chain and automotive use cases,” says Andreas, Head of Industrial Sales. ” I historically have had many customers asking for a range of specialty tags, a demand that we can finally satisfy.”