syo joins the industry leaders as a member of the RAIN RFID alliance

London, 21/07/2020

The RAIN Alliance is a global alliance promoting the universal adoption of RFID technology using the UHF frequency band and the GS1 Gen2 protocol which ISO/IEC has standardised as 18000-63.

RAIN RFID is the technology used to identify, locate and authenticate everyday items in our world, to enable an array of applications and opportunities for businesses to transform operations and leverage the Internet of Things for their digital transformation. RAIN RFID already plays a significant role in automotive, healthcare, retail, logistics and supply chain operations.

The leading technology providers are working with the alliance to grow RAIN RFID adoption to build a future, where everyday things are part of a connected world.

“We are underscoring our commitment to engage actively at the forefront of technology for our customers”, says Goetz Pfeifferling, founder of syo. “The RAIN RFID alliance provides us with a fantastic opportunity to maintain insights into the latest technological developments. We will work with industry peers in the numerous workgroups and help to shape the future of this key technology.”