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Our Business Foundations workshop builds on our introduction call. Together we will look at the challenges your business has and what your business model may look like in the post COVID19 world. Business foundations provides you with valuable insights how other businesses in your segment successfully leverage RFID. We will provide you with initial focus areas where your business and operations can profit from Digital Transformation and adopting RFID technology.


The virtual workshop focuses on a comprehensive overview of the technology and its foundations. We enable you with the know-how to understand frequencies, tag and IC options, tag data standards and technical integration options. We will guide you to relevant technical resources and answer all your questions.


Based on our extensive template we will jointly develop the business case for your organisation. The ROI calculation will deliver you a solid foundation to plan budget and provide you with guidance how the technology will improve your bottom line business results.

Clearly defined outcomes

You will be able to make better decisions based on good understanding of the technical and business foundations. We will provide the knowledge to have meaningful conversations with technology vendors and label vendors. You will be able to assess the vast range of options available and make decisions based on your business needs and priorities. The ROI calculation will provide valuable insights into your business. You will be able to continue working with the file and adjust your assumptions and calculations as your project evolves.



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