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This offer to test our sourcing network is exclusive for converters, with established customers for RFID products


Establishing a second source for RFID inlays will ensure you can serve your customers global demand. You will be less prone to disruptions and reduce the exposure of your operations and customers. As a result of the COVID19 pandemic, customers are paying more attention to reliable supply chains with a heightened awareness how national restrictions are putting business critical processes at risk.


RFID is a global business and so should be your sourcing. Our network of global partners and customers enables us to have a holistic view  of the RFID market. Businesses are competing globally and only competitive pricing will allow you to maintain and grow your Business.


Depending on a single supplier or region for your supplies exposes your business. Identifying and qualifying tags from different vendors into opportunities ensures your negotiating position with existing vendors about pricing, terms and deliveries. It reduces your dependency on individual companies and production facilities.

up to 50% cost reduction

In recent sourcing actions we have helped customers to find new vendors. Competitive quotes lead to a reduction of up to 50% by switching to a competitors product. Smaller volumes are often allowing higher savings. We only compare pricing for products with similar performance, the same form factor, delivery format and IC.

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