Baggage Tracking

Superior tracking and identification of airline baggage

Reduce cost with reliable baggage operations

22.7 million bags were lost in 2017, costing the industry $2.3bn. IATA Resolution 753 with a recommendation to use RFID has been introduced to reduce the number of mishandled baggage, reduce cost and improve passenger satisfaction.

Reduce mishandled passenger bags

Reducing the number of mishandled bags provides a huge opportunity for airlines to reduce unnecessary cost. Each mishandled bag cost the industry about $100, not accounting for the damage it causes to passenger confidence and satisfaction. Reduction of mishandled bags will reduce the stress levels of passengers and staff, ensuring your team can focus their efforts on passenger needs.

Reliable bulk identification

RAIN RFID enables automated identification of passenger bags at speed and without the need for line of sight. Unlike Barcodes, where the manual effort to scan individual bags during loading is labour intensive, RFID can be integrated into your business processes. RFID delivers a highly reliable stream of real-time data about each bags identity and location.

Increase passenger satisfaction

Provide real-time updates to your passengers about the state of their bags. Provide reliable baggage services and comprehensive information about the status of mishandled bags. Give passengers confidence and reduce the anxiety as they are waiting for their belongings.

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility of your baggage operations gives you the tools for efficient exception handling. Highly accurate data enables you to make better and faster decisions based on the current, real-time status of the bags in question.

Why use RFID

RAIN RFID enables you to automatically identify and count high volumes of identical looking items. Each item has a unique identifier, allowing full visibility and traceability.

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