Components of an RFID System

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The RFID reader manages the communication with the tag. The reader provides power to the tag through the connected antenna. Tags in the field of view power up and communicate over the air interface.

All components of an RFID system need to adhere to the same standards and frequency. A RAIN RFID reader, for example, cannot read or encode an NFC tag and vice versa. NFC operates in the 13.56 MHz range; RAIN RFID operates in the UHF spectrum and the 860-960 MHz range. 


Role of middle ware

In most deployments, enterprise systems will connect through middle ware to reader hardware. Middle ware provides a range of features including device management and provides different protocols to communicate with the reader hardware.

Reading and encoding of tags

Commands sent to the reader offer different operating modes and either write data to the memory of the chip that is attached to the tag or request the information stored in the memory of the chip. This information is usually the items identity and it needs to be a unique, serialised identifier.

Core elements of an RFID system are the RFID reader, RFID antenna and RFID tag.

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