Intelligent packaging engages your consumers

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Packaging has evolved from its core to enable handling and transportation goods with additional functions and properties. Functional packaging helps to protect items against shock or external factors; packaging helps to keep products safe for consumption in the food and medical space.

Today your packaging is an essential interface to consumers; it is part of your brand identity and messaging strategy. For your brand, especially if sold through wholesale and retail stores, the packaging is the only opportunity to communicate with consumers, to share your values, your identity, story, and differentiators.

Design Thinking has helped companies to focus on the way customers use a product, how to make the process more enjoyable and more convenient. Think of the convenience of opening your favourite products packaging while you are frustrated with others, never able to open the pack of pasta without spilling the contents across the kitchen floor.

Think about your brand and the channels you currently make available for your customers as they use the product. Most likely, you have a website and a phone number somewhere. Both don’t provide an interface for the unique, individual product. Once the consumer managed to navigate to the product page, you won’t have information available for analytics capturing data about the production lot, distribution channel or any other attributes that may be relevant to understand this customer’s journey from discovery to purchase to consumption.

Features of Intelligent Packaging

Intelligent packaging covers a wide range of additional functionalities powered by the Internet of Things (IoT). Making the packaging smart, allows manufacturers, brand owners and customers to monitor individual packages and track and trace packages, capturing essential QC data such as temperature and moisture from RAIN RFID or NFC based sensors.

Connected Packaging

Connected packaging uses RAIN RFID and NFC or QR codes to connect the packaging to its digital twin. This integration allows reverse traceability through the value chain, capturing additional information as the product moves from source through channel and distribution to the consumer.

NFC enables you to engage customers, deliver messages at the point of sale, provide information at the point of consumption, and capture feedback across the products life cycle, amplifying your brand value.

Authentication of Products

Product authentication with packaging protects your brand. Customers can verify the product is authentic and hasn’t been tampered with. It ensures that the content of the packaging is in its original state, and the content is genuine. Connectivity allows customers to register the product without much hassle, building a direct connection between your brand and messaging with the consumer at the point of sale and consumption.

Design Thinking adds functionality to packaging

Functionality improves the convenience and experience of consumers using your product.

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