RTI Tracking

Manage and track RTI across global value and distribution chains

Keep track of your RTI and maximise utilisation

RAIN RFID enables you to automatically track a broad range of RTI such as containers, plastic bins, tote boxes, roll cages, pallets, and kegs. Reduce shrinkage and manage stock levels across facilities, locations, and business partners.

RTI Tracking

Maximise utilisation of RTI

Real-time visibility and tracking of RTI enables you to maximise the utilisation of RTI without disrupting your operations. Real-time data allows you to ensure you always have sufficient RTI available in all locations and facilities at all times.

Efficient inventory management

Manage your inventory of RTI efficiently. Automate tracking of cleaning, repair and return to service for RTI. Efficiently take stock of your current inventory to validate and update your count.

Reduce shrinkage and disputes

Reduce disputes by keeping automated, accurate records of RTI shipped to and from business partners. Reduce shrinkage by tracking the location of RTI and reduce the cost associated with replacing or excess RTI.

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility of each items identity and location across your facilities provides you with the necessary insights to efficiently manage your RTI and operations. Real-time data enables you to trigger relevant actions without delay, optimising availability across your manufacturing and distribution network.

Why use RFID

RAIN RFID enables you to automatically identify and count high volumes of items without the need for line of sight. Each item has a unique identifier, allowing full visibility and traceability of each individual item. RFID offers significant optimisation potential for the flow of information and goods along global supply chains.

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