Tire Tracking

Reliable and efficient identification of tires at all stages of their lifecycle

Real-time visibility for the tire distribution and value chain

Automation of all relevant processes associated with the identification of tires moving through your production lines and distribution channels.

Logistics and distribution

Automatically capture tires shipped and received at your facilities. Replace manual inventory checks and enable your team to quickly locate individual tires in your facilities. Trace serialised information with RFID based shipment verification and goods receipt.

Reliable identification at all stages

Reliable, serialised identification of tires during manufacturing, distribution, rolling, retreading and end-of life processing. Embedded tags allow manufacturers to authenticate tires based on the data securely stored in the tag memory.

Full life-cycle management

During the roll phase of a tire the tag can act as identifier at service locations or as part of fleet management operations. On-board electronic can identify the tires fitted to a vehicle, generating valuable data about the tires life. Keep track of every time a tire is retreaded and validate the responsible disposal at the end of life.

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility of each tires identity and location across your facilities provides you with the necessary insights for your distribution and stock management. Trigger actions without delay, helping you to optimise the just in time supply of production lines as well as manage shipping, receiving and stock management.

Why use RFID

RAIN RFID enables you to automatically identify, locate and count high volumes of tires. Each tire has a unique identifier, allowing full visibility and traceability of each individual tire without need for line of sight. RFID offers significant optimisation potential for the flow of information and goods along the automotive supply chain.

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