Supply Chain Management

End-to-end visibility and flexibility

Full visibility at all times

An efficient supply chain with robust processes that ensure delivery of the right goods at the right time and place is an integral part of every transformational journey.

supply chain

Get ahead of demand

Make the transition from reacting to exceptions to be predictive. End-to-end integration provides insights into demand, stock levels and availability.

Data accuracy and real-time information enable predictive analytics and your company with new ways to forecast future demand, providing you with the tools to make the right decisions.

Enable omnichannel operations

Changes in consumer behaviour will continue to increase the number of shipments an organisation has to handle, while the average number of items per shipment declines.

Returns place another strain on resources as items need to be checked, processed, and returned to stock.

Reduce safety stock

Inventory accuracy reduces overstocking and safety stock held in stores. Replenishing stores based on sales and customer demand reduces costly mark downs towards the end of season.

Stock held in your warehouses and distribution centres can be allocated for sales across all your channels with a higher flexibility.

Change the way you work

End-to-end visibility allows reverse integration of your supply and value chain from the sales floor and allows you to make decisions based on your customers’ needs.

Deliver on customer needs

The next generation of just-in-time replenishment of your stores or production lines.

Increase velocity and accuracy

RAIN RFID provides organisations with a unique opportunity to increase velocity and accuracy. Individual items are captured in bulk at incredible speeds without the need for a line of sight.

Production Planners

Insights for better decisions

Have full visibility into buffer stock on your factory floor. Automatically trigger replenishment and monitor parts in real-time.

Supply Chain Managers

Maximise your operational efficiency

The ability to automate data capture enables you to gain efficiency in your operations and meet your delivery targets.

  • Automation of goods receipt
  • Automate verification of picking, sorting and packing
  • Shipment verification for outbound goods
  • Full visibility of goods in transit
  • Returns management
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